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About The Ranches

The Boys and Girls Ranches of Alabama is a charitable, nonprofit corporation, sponsored by the Alabama Sheriffs' Association and managed by a Board of Trustees.

The Ranch program is funded almost entirely by private donations from concerned individuals, churches, civic clubs, corporations and foundations.

The administrative/fundraising office which raises, receives, budgets and disburses funds for the Ranch program, is located in Montgomery, Alabama.

Life on the Ranches today centers around the same premise the Ranch program was founded more than 50 years ago. Children live in family situations with house parents on working ranches where Christian principles, hard work, responsibility, manners and loving kindness are used to help children grow strong in body, mind and spirit. It's a formula that has worked for more than five decades and continues to help children find their way. Originally founded in rural Dallas County, the Ranch program began there with the first Ranch house, Tine Davis Hall, which was dedicated in February, 1966.

The Ranch Mission

The mission of the Ranches is to provide Christian, family-style residential homes for Alabama's needy, neglected, or abused, school-age children in an atmosphere where they may grow spiritually and physically into productive, responsible, and happy adults.

Remembering the Past

The Ranches were founded in 1966 and have a long history of caring for our state's abandoned, abused and neglected children. The Ranch program was started to provide homes for needy children ages 6 to 18, not to be reform schools or correctional institutions.

How We Care for Our Children

The Ranches provide each child with caregivers and a structured living environment where the children receive love, stability and a safe place to call "home." The Ranches are actual working Ranches and require participation from the children in livestock care, farm work and lawn care. Ranchers are taught responsibility by completing daily chores and participating in daily family devotionals and pledging allegiance to the American flag. The children attend church and schools in their local communities and are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as youth groups, sports and clubs.