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In 1984, the Baldwin County Boys Ranch was established in Summerdale, Alabama, on land that was donated by John B. Foley. The campus now includes two ranch homes, a chapel, gym, pool, office, two staff houses, the boys college home, and support buildings. The boys attend Foley First Baptist church on Sundays and Wednesdays. Ranchers attend Foley and Summerdale schools where they participate in activities such as sports, academic clubs, band, and ROTC. Highlights for the year include: annual fishing and beach trips, concerts, campouts, church youth activities including mission trips, and cookouts.


I wanted something better than what I had. In my whole family, nobody has finished high school, nobody has gone to college, they're all in the same cycle.The Ranch changed my life. If I had not gone there, I probably would not have finished school - I would be in trouble.
Steven Jones, Resident 2005-2011

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Since 1965, the Boys and Girls Ranches of Alabama have helped raise over 5,000 of Alabama's underprivileged children.