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Current Need: Canned Goods

Help us stock up on the essentials! We are always in need of canned goods for our pantry. Please contact us if you would like to organize a food drive at your place of business, church, or school.

Current Need: Household Supplies

If you clean your house with it, more than likely we clean our houses with it. We are always in need of laundry detergents, dish soap, hand soap, window cleaner, disinfectant cleaners, dish washer detergent, hand soap, bath soap, shampoo, etc. You are more than welcome to bring them by the Ranch anytime.

Completed Project: Hardwood Grove

Early this spring the Gary Fortenberry Memorial Hardwood Grove was completed. As a longtime patron Mr. Fortenberry helped our Ranch in many ways. In his memory and with funds donated by a person who chooses to remain anonymous, over 50 hardwood trees now cover 5 acres on the front of the property. This project was featured in Alabama's TREASURED Forest Magazine and can be read here.

Completed Project: Disc Golf Course

As a part of our positive play initiative the Disc Golf Course was constructed this spring. We believe that children should enjoy the wonderful creation around them and learn to love the ourdoors. The course now provides our residents with another outdoor activity they can enjoy.

The funding for this project was provided by the Mapp Family Foundation. In addition, the course layout and design was done by Disc Golf Hall of Fame Member, Tom Monroe.

Completed Project: Erie Hall Meyer Playground

In early 2013 the finishing touches were put on the Erie Hall Meyer Playground. Thanks to a generous contribution from the Erie Hall Meyer Charitable Trust the children at the Baldwin County Ranch can enjoy a playground again!